Why ‘learning through doing’ is so important

At My Activities Books we are dedicated to creating the very best fun learning activities to help children develop the core skills essential to their development. As experts in early years education, we believe that ‘learning through doing’ is the key to inspiring kids to be happy, confident learners. Let us explain why we think ‘learning through doing’ is so important…

What is ‘learning through doing’…

It’s all about active learning and quite literally learning through doing an activity.
When a child learns this way they are making sense of their experience.
It enables them to understand the task they are performing by actively engaging in making things and exploring their world.

So why is ‘Learning through doing’ important?

  • It is the most effective way to learn – research shows that hands-on modes of learning increases learner engagement and leads to much better retention of knowledge. Put simply, by ‘doing’ children get more involved and more interested in their task, leading to increased absorption of the learning.
  • It improves cognitive development – a key area of child development, where young minds get to think, explore and get to figure things out. Those illustrated maths activities and cute puzzles and are much more than just a fun way to pass the time, allowing a child hands-on experience in problem solving and critical thinking, developing skills to let them understand the world around them.
  • It breeds confidence – confidence is as important as skills themselves so in order to thrive children need to understand that mistakes will happen, it’s ok to fail and to love imperfection! Let’s face it – no one is going to master handwriting in an afternoon – it will take practise and perseverance which, when encouraged, will build bold, inquisitive and confident learners.
  • It creates life-long learners – ‘Make learning fun’ is also another of our My Activity Books mantras! Right from birth, kids are learning at a dizzying rate so when starting out with key skills areas, break down learning into small, fun tasks. This allows each step to be achievable and will teach children essential skills as well as develop a love for learning they can carry through life.


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